our signature courses :- 

* Creative Writing course

* Sakamoto Maths Enrichment course

* Chinese Enrichment course


Creative Writing program

focus on a structured and systematic learning process of writing skills.  Many pupils struggle when it comes to composition writing. Other than memorising creative phrases, pupils do not know the essential elements in composition writing. The pensAway programme is a unique English writing programme which is being conducted in some primary schools. It has been specially designed to help our pupils to : •Reinforce the basic narrative writing components •Develop well-connected plots •Learn the appropriate use of dialogue •Expand their repertoire of creative and apt vocabulary •Create good beginnings and endings of stories. Our programme is designed to prepare students for the composition exam by adopting a strategies-based approach. Students are equipped with the knowledge of the necessary writing techniques which can be applied to every writing topic. In a structured manner, students receive rigorous instruction and practice on the application of the taught writing techniques. This is to ensure that when writing independently, students can execute the writing techniques with precision and confidence. 

Sakamoto Maths programme

It is an enrichment program catered for Primary 1 - Primary 6, to complement MOE school syllabus, fully geared for PSLE Maths exams.  

Benefits of Sakamoto Maths Method

  • Make solving word problems easy, accurate & fast
  • Provide a structured & systematic technique   for problem sums solving
  • Develop logical & analytical thinking skills
  • Develop understanding of concepts & applications

We provide 2 types of courses to suit each child's learning pace :- 

(1) Comprehensive Course ( max. 8 in a group)

p1 : Sat 9 - 1030 am         p2 : Sat 1030 - 12nn    
p3 : Sat 930 - 11am           p4: Mon 4 - 6pm  
p5 : Fri  4 - 6 pm               p6 : Thu 4 - 6pm

(2) Individual Teaching Course


Chinese Enrichment Class

conducted by our passionate teacher Men

Teacher's Profile :

门老师毕业于专业师范院中文系,曾在中国任中学语文老师, 有丰富的教学经验。她已在新加坡生活多年,熟悉并掌握新加坡华文教学的要求和特点,特别擅长教授作文课程。她是一位极富耐心和爱心的老师,绝对是一等极的责任老师

p1 : Mon 2 - 330pm       p2 : Mon 330 - 5pm    

p3 : Thu 2 - 330pm       p4:  Mon 5 - 630pm     

p5 : Thu 330 - 5pm       p6 : Thu 5 - 630pm 

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